Here at ShoreLine Computer Solutions we are passionate about helping businesses. I hate seeing businesses fail. What bothers me even more is when that business has an exceptional service or product and the owner ‘just doesn’t get it’ and the business dies on the vine. Most of the times they are missing one key piece or many small pieces of the puzzle. We are problem solvers.
Anyone can build a website, but with our proven business background, we can help you develop a digital marketing plan that can help your business grow year to year.

Here’s just a sample of the business services we offer:

  • Website development, design and hosting
  • Social Media marketing and implementation
  • Newsletter design and setup
  • CCTV cameras install to help with loss prevention
  • Business system setup and training
  • Computerized inventory and accounting
  • We thought we were happy, but sales were flat. We called and Danny and he designed a digital marketing plan for us. We now have a website and social marketing. Our sales jumped the next week. We are on track for our best year. Thanks Rhonda